Transition Services

Transition Services in Your School District

Our team of Transition Specialists develops Life and Job Skills programming to address a wide range of functional skills needed in the classroom, as well as in the community, to increase independence. In addition, our specialists identify vocational opportunities that are commensurate with education, experience, and interest thereby creating the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful manner.


The SEED Center uses an online curriculum backed by over 30 years of research and experience and is an effective and proven tool to teach students the skills they need to transition from school to independent living and the workforce.  Students complete assessments in Daily Living Skills, Self-Determination Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Employment Skills to determine baseline skills and select units of study. As students work through the program they gain valuable employment skills that are utilized in both volunteer and competitive employment.  The SEED Center partners with local businesses to open up volunteer career exploration, as well as competitive employment, opportunities.


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