Center-Based and Home-Based Services

Center-Based and Home-Based Services

When thinking about starting Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, you may contemplate where your child receives services. Are home-based or center-based services more beneficial? The SEED Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides families with the option to have both center-based and home-based services.

Where is the best location to receive ABA therapy?

Autism affects your child in every environment. It is ideal that their learning is not contained to one environment. We believe utilizing multiple locations for ABA therapy services will help your child generalize and learn behaviors more effectively.

ABA Therapy - Greenwich, CT

An At-Home Solution

Removing a child with ASD from the comfort of home and bringing them into an office to receive the services they need can often cause stress and discomfort. The SEED Center of Stamford, we understand that it is often most effective when these services are brought to you; this is why we offer home-based ABA therapy for families that require this method of care.

Home-based methods improve the ways that children with ASD learn and implement the skills used at home. From bedtime routines to day-to-day responsibilities around the house and toilet training, your child will work with a therapist to better address any concerns taking place in their main environment. Home-based ABA therapy will involve your child directly with the materials around your home so they can better adapt to their own routine.

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When you work with the professional team at The SEED Center of Stamford, you can trust that we will work with your child to help them better develop adaptive skills, cognitive skills, coping skills and the self-management needed to thrive as a citizen of the world around them. We proudly offer our in-home and center-based child autism services for families throughout Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton, and Westport, CT. Contact our autism treatment center in Stamford, CT today to learn more about ABA therapy or to schedule an appointment.