Center-Based and Home-Based Services

When thinking about starting Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, you may contemplate where your child receives services. Are home-based or center-based services more beneficial? The SEED Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides families with the option to have both center-based and home-based services.

Where is the best place to receive ABA therapy?

Autism affects your child in every environment. It is ideal that their learning is not contained to one environment. We believe utilizing multiple locations for ABA therapy services will help your child generalize and learn behaviors more effectively.

What are the benefits?

Home-based services are very useful for teaching your child skills, such as, toileting, bedtime routines, and hygiene. Center-based services tend to offer a little more structure and help your child learn how to interact in a different setting.

Regardless of the setting, your child will receive the best, most effective ABA therapy from an experienced therapist at The SEED Center. Your child’s progress will continuously be monitored by a BCBA. Family involvement plays a huge role in a child’s treatment. At The SEED Center, we offer parent training so no matter where your child is receiving services, the family will be knowledgeable on how to play an active role in helping their child succeed.