The summer months can provide families with many opportunities to engage in fun activities and time to make memories that will last a lifetime. However, this is a time when students with autism may struggle. Children need routine, especially those with autism.

During the summer months, routine is usually thrown off. Less structure and routine can lead to more tantrums. To reduce these tantrums, parents should try to create a structured, daily routine so their children know what to expect.

Summer is a perfect time to provide children with autism seasonal opportunities to expand their skills. Some activities may even go hand in hand with what they are working on in ABA therapy as they focus on socialization, sensorimotor activities, and more.

Activities for Summer

Going for a Walk – This is a great activity for anyone to take part in. Not only is it a great way to keep you moving, but it gives children with autism a way to improve their social skills as they can talk with their parents, siblings, neighbors, and more. It also helps improve their safety skills, esp with “stranger danger”.

Playing I-Spy – The classic game of I-Spy is a great way to help receptive language. The child must listen to the clue and use complex thinking to figure out the object in mind. This will also help communication skills and encourage patience, instead of a tantrum, if they get the answer wrong.

Playdates – Since they will be out of the school setting, getting children together with their friends is a great way to hone in on those social skills. Encourage opportunities for social interactions.

Play at the Park – Children love going to the park! It gives them more space to run and play and allows for opportunities to work on their social skills as they are interacting with other kids. It may also help them manage unexpected situations as these will arise on the playground.

Swimming – Swimming is a great activity for summer! If your child knows how to swim or they are still learning, swimming provides a great opportunity to learn a new skill and engage in conversation with family and friends.

Arts & Crafts – Crafts are a great project to do any time of the year. These projects help your children follow directions and give them an opportunity to be creative and express themselves in a way that doesn’t require talking.

Movie Night- Watching a movie together provides many learning opportunities for your child. From encouraging social and communication skills to other relationship skills, a movie requires your child to know when it is okay to talk versus when it is not considerate to talk.

Games – Games provide a variety of skills including turn-taking, waiting, language, cognitive, and more. Grab a board game and have a game night!

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