For many conditions, including autism, scientific evidence and data are used to ensure that the treatment methods are working successfully.  Applied Behavior Analysis is the most scientifically proven method for treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Advice from Friends and Family

          It is not surprising that there are many theories, opinions, and ideas to treat autism that do not involve science-based treatment methods. Friends and family may voice their opinions about a new theory they heard and it’s benefits. They can hear these theories on the news or from an Internet search because journalists continue to publish information on non-scientific treatment methods for ASD. It can be hard to listen to the advice of family members and friends who have your best intentions, when they do not understand that these new theories typically are not science-based. Sometimes you may perceive the advice as critical; perhaps a family member is making you feel as if you’re not doing enough for your child. Hearing the opinions of others while trying to keep your child’s best interest at heart can become very frustrating.


Inform and Educate on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

        When hearing the advice and opinions of others leaves you questioning your decisions or doubting yourself…


  • Remember that these ‘breakthrough’ treatments for autism are not scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Numerous scientific researches have been published supporting the use of ABA therapy.
  • Autism-treatment is an expensive industry; many claims are made in hopes of helping a company ‘sell’ their product.
  • Be critical and question everything you read on the Internet. Not everything on the Internet is reliable.
  • The vast majority of autism treatments lack scientific support.
  • The most effective treatments for autism usually receive the least amount of attention from the media (news, journals, Internet searches).
  • There is no “quick fix”.