Children playing outside togetherPhoto by Ashton Bingham on Unsplash

            The common goal of ABA therapy is to increase communication. Communication needs to be functional so a child can express their needs, wants, and ideas. Also, ABA programs aim to increase functional communication based on the learner. Thus, how communication is taught can be restructured and the definition of success can vary. In other words, the teaching of communication may veer away from the traditional method of learning nouns, sentence structure, adjectives, etc. but in turn focus on verbal operants. Verbal operants include, echoics, intraverbals, mands, and tacts.

What are echoics, intraverbals, mands, and tacts?

  •   Echoic- Having the learner repeat what they hear (echoing)
  •   Intraverbal- Requiring the learner to respond to conversation, including things or ideas that are not physically present
  •   Mand– Teaching the learner to request what they want or need
  •   Tact- Teaching the learner label and define objects

Our highly trained professionals at The SEED Center possess the skills necessary to help your child learn these communication techniques. Remember, the overall goal is for your child to be able to communicate with everyone they talk to.