Alternative Home Instruction

Alternative Home Instruction at Our Autism Treatment Center

School Districts are often faced with limited options for students who have comprehensive and intensive educational needs. Approved out of district schools frequently have waiting lists and high tuitions. Students placed on Home Instruction often become resistant to returning to a more structured educational environment.   With this in mind, The SEED Center has developed an Alternative Home Instruction (AHI) option.

Alternative Home Instruction serves children who have experienced failure in the continuum of available public special education settings and who require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention. The primary goal of Alternative Home Instruction is to equip students to be emotionally and behaviorally available to learn in a structured educational setting:

  • Students are able to develop the skills necessary to return to their in district school, preventing unnecessary out of district placements.
  • Out of district students have an opportunity to transition back to their district school in a way that ensures necessary supports are in place prior to the student’s re-entry.
  • Students currently waiting for an out of district placement are able to gain skills necessary for success. In addition, the AHI team assists with the transition to the receiving school team.


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